About Us

Our Picturesque Location

Whatcom Meadows Camping Association is a non-profit camping club organization in the picturesque foothills of the North Cascade Mountain Range and spread out across 167 acres of land surrounded by Washington State’s Evergreens about 35 miles south of the American-Canadian border at Blaine, Washington, and approximately 80 miles north of Seattle, we offer easy access to both American and Canadian members to enjoy our facilities throughout the year.

Whatcom Meadows Camping Association is only minutes away from beautiful Puget Sound and only a ferry boat ride away from the San Juan Islands, making us a desirable destination for recreation, site seeing and shopping.

Whatcom Meadows Camping Association
Whatcom Meadows Camping Association

How We Evolved

Whatcom Meadows Camping Association was established back in 1971, and our first members started coming in around 1973. We were formerly a profit organization owned by American and Canadian investors. In 1984, our membership was offered the opportunity to purchase the profit corporation, and we eventually turned into a non-profit camping club for recreational and social purposes. Membership started to grow after purchasing the property, and we gradually began to build facilities through events and fundraisers. Today, we have grown to over 410 active memberships with a voluntary Board of Directors in place to maintain the beauty and well-being of our campground.

A Place of Solace

As a member of Whatcom Meadows Camping Association, you will appreciate the lush greenery that surrounds your campsite, where you can sit and relax by your campfire and visit with family and newfound friends. Evenings can be enjoyed by members walking through each division, stopping at our community fire pit near the Clubhouse, to see the sunset or to stargaze.

If you are wanting to visit Whatcom Meadows Camping Association, please contact our friendly staff and they will put you in touch with our Sales Director to set up a tour, with one of our Tour Guides to show you what we have available in our Membership Sales.

Whatcom Meadows Camping Association